Goals and Standards

Hi WordPress, I’m back after a a seven month hiatus of cruising and evolving. So, here we go again.

warning. This post is directed mostly to people who love me because they have no other choice and wonder what’s going on in my travels either to be sure my existence is not monotonous or that I am not dead.

To every human who has influenced any part of my experiences this summer, both good and bad, thank you. The domino effect that has resulted has been continuously blowing my mind.

[Recap] This year I took on a management position running a taco stand with a tribe of beautiful, crazy people. We made tacos for The String Cheese Incident, STS9, and kids trying kale for the first time. Crushed through Moab on ATVs and dirt bikes. Danced so hard our stage which happened to be our taco cart felt like it might actually fall apart. Explored Lake Powell and the glorious split canyons with new friends. Watched the sun rise with good people every day at Wakarusa. I finally saw the rage fairy violinist, Lindsey Stirling at Electric Forest (and basically drowned myself in tears and sweat). Eventually, I became that girl grilling copious amounts of meat in my sports bra just to avoid unnecessary laundry and even received a few marriage proposals because apparently grease burns on your stomach and sweat in your eyes is super sexy. Piper and Mia, the alter egos of myself and my best friend, were born. And despite no sleep, long hours and general chaos, we raged.

Amongst all of this, I’ve come a little closer to figuring out my worth as well as  when I’m being taken advantage of. Always pushing through with my sassy soul sister, who happens to be my van-mate and was my co-manager, using hysterics, tequila, and grimy dub step as well as consistently defining for ourselves the goals and standards that have become the mantra of our lives.

Once we decided to take a different path, this sense of freedom hit hard and it came in two waves. The first came as we came to terms with a change of heart and walked away from our jobs into a whole world of new possibilities. Once we chose the next adventure, the second wave of freedom came as we headed west into California in the form of fits of giggles and a near obsession with being naked in new beautiful places because why not.

After all the shit and the feeling of time wasted, beautiful things began happening in a way that was clearly in congruence with our manifestations and positive outlook.

One of the most satisfying elements in maintaining fluidity in one’s lifestyle is a heightened awareness of one’s environment as well as one’s place in that environment and the way different personalities and situations affect us.

Although fluidity is not solely a result of living nomadically, it is kept at the forefront of our minds when we do live as such because it is no longer a state but rather a skill that allows us to connect and collaborate with anyone or anything that resonates with us wherever we are on a deeper level because of an expansion of our comfort zones.

“You drown not by falling in a river but by staying submerged in it.” Paulo Coelho


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