Generally, I aim to travel light. I’m one of those travelers that thrives on only traveling with a carry-on no matter where I’m going. And, quite frankly, I’m not interested in knowing about all the latest or fanciest gear on the market. Still though, we all need things to get us from A to B. And of course, for those frequent travelers, we need durable products so sometimes it’s worthwhile to make a few investments in higher priced products here and there. 

Because my life is so transient, my travel gear and every day life items tend to blend. My yoga mat needs to be lightweight. My sports bra better be cute and double as a swimsuit. I need my portable speaker for fire dancing sessions as well as for cozy nights in with my roommates in Alaska. Everything is double purpose, durable, coming from conscious businesses, and really has a role in accenting my lifestyle. 



Osprey Aura 50 $207 Hydro Flask $30+ Chaco Women’s Sandal $60
Gurus Cork Yoga Mat $90 Reusable Snack Bags $16 PRVKE 21 $185
GoPro Hero 4 $275 Raqpak Travel Towel $9+ Halle Pant by prAna $40+
Arêt Basewear Vasque Women’s Hiking Boot $78+ UE Bluetooth Speaker $50+