My first introduction to this lady was at Electric Forest 2014 where although we didn’t have much time to connect then, we were both a part of the same festival family and there was no hesitation to meet up when we realized we’d both be spending the winter in Southeast Asia.

Miss Caitlin Bresnahan may be one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met in my entire life. I owe any form of ab muscles I might have to her from the last weekend we spent together at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park on the Suwannee River in Florida for Hulaween Music Festival. In addition to her hilarity, though, she has a heart of goddamn gold.

During her 8 months in Southeast Asia she spent a few of those months teaching English to young Thai kids. Every now and then, after I’d returned to the states, I’d see her posts trying to raise money and awareness for her kids. She was committed to them with every piece of her as if they were all her own. I imagine her exhibiting that mother resilience, like when you meet a mother that refuses so adamantly that her child deserves anything but the very best, I picture Caitlin in this sense but with her arms wrapped around a few dozen kids from all over the world.

On Christmas Day, she and I and some other members of our festival family, were celebrating at a bar in Tonsai (a climber destination in Southern Thailand) with live reggae and fire dancers. I’m not sure which was my favorite incident, when she attempted to get involved with a certain fire performance or when she started to play with this little girl and got so attached so quickly we were sure she was going to just take her. Both could bring tears to your eyes.

This lady loves like no other and her passion in helping people is the kind that if we all shared a similar motivation, our world would be a much more cared for place.

Babe of a road warrior. 


I followed her travel blog all throughout her time in Southeast Asia. My favorite stories came from her cross-country motorcycle trip in Vietnam. No, she had not ridden a motorcycle before. And no, she did not care. She put on her metaphorical warrior suit of armor (probably just a cheap helmet in reality) and learned how to ride a motorcycle in a foreign country. And if you’ve been in traffic in Southeast Asia, you know what kind of feat that is.

To live fully and in the moment and to retain the sweetness and optimism that she has about her is a delicate balance that I grow to appreciate more and more every time I see her.

Caitlin galavanting barefoot in the gardens at Mindful Farm near Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

My traveling friends all have a special place in my heart. Particularly with my lady friends, because I feel like we’ve been taught to be more cautious than our male counterparts growing up. A willingness to jump into the unknown with both grace and humility is inspirational, and every one can learn from or at least appreciate the intricate beauty at which these lives unfold. Much love to you, mamacita!