Who’s Heard Of #GreenFriday?

Who Heard About #GreenFriday?

Anyone? Well, let me tell you, California is sleighing the game. Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks Foundation are bringing state park lovers #GreenFriday as an alternative to Black Friday.


What’s #GreenFriday?

#GreenFriday is a day where free passes into state parks all over California are made available to those who want to opt out of shopping chaos. I’d rather spend more time with my family in a state park or even by myself then head into a Dillard’s the day after Thanksgiving. I do not care about the savings, that chaos is not what I’m about.

Yes, I am aware that both Black Friday and #GreenFriday are over. I didn’t know about #GreenFriday until ten minutes ago. Sorry. Consider this a little inspiration for next year for those of you, who like myself, kind of despise Black Friday.

Anyway, so how does it work?

Had you known yesterday, you would simply go here and click ‘Pick a park/Get your pass.’ You’d proceed through the options to pick the park you want to go to, register for your pass, print it out, and show it at the gate of your chosen state park.

Then you would share all your awesome nature photos with the hashtag #GreenFriday to let all your friends who are toting shopping bags full of a variety of crap that they bought for half off the price of their soul know that next year they could just go for a hike with you instead! (:

Considering parking is limited at state parks, the passes were also limited. But as I’m looking at the website now (on the evening of #GreenFriday), 27 out of 116 parks still had available passes. You were also only allowed one free pass. This is a fantastic way to help get people outside.

The cost to get into some state parks can be as little as $5, so no, #GreenFriday isn’t necessarily any crazy savings or anything. Still though, it’s a gesture more than anything else to really invite people to spend time with each other rather than to spend money on each other.

Once again, kudos California.

Do any other states do this? Or have you heard of another sort of alternative to Black Friday chaos activity with the similar intention?

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