SOUL ON FIRE: My Alaskan Van Mate

There is no friendship like one that can thrive within the confines of a big white 1996 Ford Econoline Van named Betsy.


Betsy in the Redwoods in Northern California.

After a year of traveling off and on together on the festival circuit in the US and then in Thailand, a girl friend and I bought a van together to call home. We adopted Betsy in April in southern California and drove her cross country chasing music festivals, waterfalls, sunshine and any reason to move our feet up until we parted ways for the winter.


Raging Moab earlier this summer.

This is my van mate, Ciarra. She is from a tiny fishing town in Southeastern Alaska and we met while living on the Big Island. Her soul sings when she’s around water, sunshine and music, and she has probably built me more fires than any man ever will.

“We do not make friends, we recognize them.” – G. Henrichs

During a week camping in the Redwoods, she would need help cleaning a piercing she got in Thailand on the back of her neck. I jokingly acted disgusted once and she looked me in the eye in our makeshift outdoor living room finished with hay bale seating and with such conviction said, ‘You help me and I help you, that’s how this works.’

No need to dress it up. Raw and full of simple faith. I don’t know if I could appreciate that sincerity any more. And help me, she most definitely has.

Most recently, she helped me walk away from an unhealthy and draining relationship all the way to California where our lives seemed to just fall into place in a way that the both of us still can’t fathom how we deserved it. We would try to figure out why whatever cosmic order in charge was granting us such bliss and eventually just submitted to letting it wash over us day after day refusing to ever take it or our journey together for granted.

This video is from the night of the Pisces Super Moon this summer when we were in Santa Cruz. Both of us being Pisces, we spent the night with the moon on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. Along with a couple bottles of wine and a couple gallons of fuel we fire danced and reflected on our mystical summer all night.

So blessed for this soul sister and the inspiration
from her relentless ambition for life experiences.
Much love to you and your presence in my life  ♥

Soul sisters.
They were committed,
to themselves and to each other,
to being the goddesses they were born to be.
Sun-kissed from head to toe,
and everything in between.
Exposed and liberated.
She with red lips and her with bold eyes,
whiskey in their cups and love on their mind.
Always chasing sunrises,
as well as worthy men.
But they built their own fires,
and on cliff sides, beaches and deep in the woods,
they danced with the flames.


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