SOUL ON FIRE: Lucid Vanguard

During my time on the taco truck, one of my favorite things was the number of different states and backgrounds that were represented in our company. We had people from California, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii, Oklahoma and elsewhere throughout our season.

We had people sleeping in tents for the first time, chopping vegetables for the first time, listening to bluegrass for the first time, even eating biscuits and gravy for the first time. Having a solid crew to share new things with or to show you new things is pretty special.

I particularly love that one of our guys from LA ended up heading back to Minnesota after tour to play music with a few of our Minnesotans.

Daniel Chavez, aka Chavo, from Long Beach, California joined up with Bailey Cogan and Karl Remus to head back to their home state of Minnesota to work on their music together. I imagine this is probably the first winter he’s had.

The crew at Electric Forest 2014 with Bailey right up front in red, arms spread, Karl right behind her, me directly to their right leaning my head on Mister Chavo.

Chavo, is a soulful, sweetheart of a man that would play the trumpet on the truck sometimes and then make the best salsa with habaneros he grew himself. I raved about Bailey, her music, and other of her inspiring attributes a few posts ago, here. Karl, being a man of few words, has made me treasure the times he shares his thoughts and particularly his singing voice. The three of them plus their drummer – Warren Fenzi (whom I have actually had the pleasure to meet before on one occasion), violinist – Abbie Tuckner, and bass player – Brian Rohde, make up Lucid Vanguard.

Lucid Vanguard at the Dakato Jazz Club in Minnesota. Photo Credit: Kyle Pikus.

I love to see beautifully talented people come together and make things happen. Sometimes, it seems like we are a generation of dreamers more than we are doers. To find out that a dear member of our festival family had gone to Minnesota with two of our other dearest members brought a lot of joy to my heart.

I’ve seen a lot of bands form and break up and maybe reform again and even break up again. It’s hard to collaborate with multiple talented people without the issues of power and direction getting in the way.

Recently, I watched How to Change the World, a documentary about the formation of Greenpeace back in 1971. This global organization started out with a small group of passionate characters who went out to make a difference by combining the peace movement with the environmental movement in a campaign to stop nuclear testing in Alaska. The documentary features their five steps to changing the world: 1. Plant a mind bomb 2. Put your body where your mouth is 3. The revolution will not be organised 4. Fear success 5. Let the power go.

What I take from their overall intention with this set of rules is to act authentically with your entire self while remaining humble to the elements of society.

Lucid Vanguard at the Dakato Jazz Club in Minnesota. Photo Credit: Kyle Pikus.

I only know half of this band very well but my faith in those three individuals is solid. Other than their mad musical skills and the uplifting intentions they all bring to the table, I believe the humbleness in each of them to be one of the most trajectory qualities in their collaborative pursuit. I can hardly imagine any less from the remaining half of the band.

The day that I make it to Minnesota or wherever to see these babes play will be a very joyous one for me. Keep making beautiful sounds that so clearly represent your beautiful souls. Much love!

Check them out on soundcloud, support them by purchasing their EP with the Name Your Price option on bandcamp, or like their Facebook page.
And also, check out more of Kyle Pikus’ amazing photography at his Facebook page.

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