SOUL ON FIRE: Interstellar Space Kitten

Last year, Phases of the Moon Music Festival was held at a city park in Danville, Illinois. It was the first year for the event and this park was not equipped to handle the rainstorm that hit the Wednesday before the festival started. With only one way in, the line of cars reached far onto the main road and it got to the point that after waiting all day, people started abandoning their cars to catch the headliner, The String Cheese Incident. I was vending the festival with Peace Love Tacos, so I was inside before the chaos started and when I went to the main stage for SCI, I couldn’t help but be stoked at the sight of the small crowd that would have been probably 10x bigger had everyone made it through the gates as planned.

We were boogieing in the mud and came across a girl by herself who joined us and after the show told us she had abandoned her car and all of her stuff to make it for SCI. She was coming from LA and so we commended her on her commitment to getting cheesy and adopted her into our festival family right there.

Coachella Music Festival.

Whitney Moke, is a graphic designer, photographer, cheesehead, and interstellar space kitten. She lives for the community art vibe and it’s evident from what she produces, to what she photographs, to the way she can rock blue lipstick.

This lady is an entrepreneur that has my wholehearted support. She has succumbed to her passions to live differently and is taking that lifestyle that she desires by the horns. Half the time I see her at festivals, she’s rolling in on Friday and bouncing late night after the music on Sunday to drive all night to get back in time for class. Total road warrior.

“In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” Victoria Moran

Her commitment to her goals is fierce. And although, I’m sure there are struggles because of her fast paced lifestyle, she doesn’t let it show because she’s too busy rocking a big beautiful smile. To be working so hard and to consistently be blissed out on life is a clear sign that you’re doing what your meant to be doing. Seeing someone settle gracefully and artistically into their place in the world is a remarkable thing to witness.

Sedona, AZ.

She operates in a way that is so true to herself, her passions are just evidently clear to those around her. No questions of her intentions or mindset. The art of her heart is written all over her. And that is what is so truly inspiring about this lady to me.

Much love to this strong willed, talented lady. And cheers to your Thailand adventure starting next week!

Support WMoke Designs on her Etsy Store.


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