SOUL ON FIRE: Goddess of Glitter, Coffee and Bass

Have you ever met someone so full of energy and positivity that you just have to look at them with their wide doe eyes and glitter shooting out of their ears and just try to understand what they have that you are missing…then realize that it doesn’t matter what you are missing and you’re just happy that they exist and quite frankly, that they may have the hardest job of anyone you know?

One of my artist/musician/wildflower friends is just that. Laura Wilfer, she worked with me on Peace Love Tacos, and you’ll know it if you ever meet her. She might be free styling with purple hair, paint all over her, and a cup of coffee in hand.

Photo credit: Rosie Tuckner. See more of her stellar photography here:

With a motivation to color the world in a slightly brighter shade, she is always there to encourage and to praise you for whatever your passion is. After a particularly mind shattering Floozies set at Wakarusa this summer where we had made our way into the spacious VIP section and right up to the rail to dance like mad men and women while the majority of people around us just took photos and bobbed their heads a bit, I went to walk away and when I asked if she was coming, she said she was going to stay for a minute to give thanks. Knowing she will do as she pleases, I started to leave with our crew and we just watched her stand peacefully in front of the stage, sweat dripping, arms extended with palms facing up, with a look of pure bliss on her face while everyone else was bustling around her.

Photo Credit: K&N Media. See more of their amazing photos @

I have never seen someone so good at the art of self-love either,  partcularly someone of such a young age. She is still her number one and understands better than most that to be able to support and to love others she must first keep her own mind healthy and happy.

During taco tour, I would love listening to this girl sing and sometimes rap. When she sings, it’s something soulful and you can just feel her smile in her words. When she raps, your stereotypes of a rapper are shattered because this little white girl from Minnesota can get it.

This is a song she wrote and with help from a dear friend and fellow musician, Bailey Cogan, got it recorded and onto soundcloud. Listen to Earth Song here.

Expect this in the mail soon, Laura love.

I first heard this song while I was in Thailand. I don’t know if it was me missing people or because I was feeling jaded due to failed attempts to find a yoga school that didn’t seem to just want my money but I listened to this song dozens and dozens of times. It made me so happy to hear her beautiful voice and her sincerely simple message to love the earth.

The other day I found this little drawing I did on a rainy day in Koh Phangan that I intended to give her with the lyrics of the song written in her hair. That’s right Laura, my first fan art ever is for you.


Parking lots and pavements and concrete streets, what happened to the earth it cannot breathe, the skylines covered with buildings and walls, and our planet is suffering from the weight of it all. Love the earth, love the air, feel it’s warmth and tender care, love yourself, love yourself whole, feel the warmth inside of your soul. We forget that we all coexist so let’s all coexist in bliss. Love the earth and love the sky, it’s made up there for you and I. Love the earth, love the air, feel it’s warmth and tender care, love yourself , love yourself whole, feel the warmth inside of your soul. The rivers flow and so do we so let’s all live in harmony. The clouds will float in skies so blue, you’ll feel alive and be happy too. – “Earth Song”

I feel like it’s so easy to pass off this type of personality as just how a person is wired. But I disagree with that opinion so much. I believe this positive little sunflower recognized her youthful optimism and has worked hard to maintain it, through meditation, self love, filling life with things to be thankful for and acknowledging her passions with a fierce embrace.

Photo Credit: Alli Eberle. See more of her beautiful photos on her facebook @

My heart fills when I am in her company or even when she enters my thoughts. Both because of the dear friend she is to me as well as the example of the potential in humanity that she represents in my mind.

Orenda (n.) – A mystical force believed to be present in all people, in varying amounts, that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own lives.

Iroquoian origins.

Photo credits again in ascending order: Rosie TucknerK&N Media, and Alli Eberle (if Alli’s link doesn’t work on your device, just copy and paste this into your search bar


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