SOUL ON FIRE: Bailey Fckn Cogan

Pianist, vocalist, yung travela, artist, activist, naturalist, bat babe, this goddess blows my mind with her ability to inspire me with fewer words said than most anyone I know.

The ice mermaid of Minnesota. Photo credit: Rosie Tuckner. See more of her beautiful photography here:

I met miss Bailey Cogan on taco tour last year and was very taken by the eloquence in which she carried herself. Everything from her independence and humble confidence to her respect for others and lack of hesitation to voice her opinions with an inspirational level of grace.

This lady can be found making her statements about human rights—particularly those of black Americans and females—on a regular basis. Her statements are always loud and clear; there won’t be a time where you wonder where she stands.

‘Why is white man’s fear greater than black man’s life?’

Little did I know it, she was also on the Big Island the same time that I was. And the Aloha is ever present in her.

Always patient and thoughtful with her words. But also very ready to let you know that those skills don’t come naturally but rather from focus and meditation. “It’s hard work to be this positive,” Bailey once said to me when discussing my own mediation practices and the hard time I was having committing to a routine.

Photo credit: Rosie Tuckner. See more of her amazing photography here:

That’s such a real statement that tends to be overlooked leaving the world to feel inclined almost to be harder on positive people. As if the calmness found in positivity is some sort of sign that you care less or that you are a weak individual. When, in reality, it’s just the opposite.

When I think about a powerful world changer, I don’t think of a confrontational individual, I think of those who practice the ripple effect. Develop the change you wish to see in the world primarily in your personal existence and others will inevitably be inspired by it. And indeed, make your stands regarding that which you are passionate about, but doing so with grace and solidarity makes for a much more significant impact. As if you hadn’t guessed, in my opinion Bailey is a powerful world changer.

Bailey embracing Crater Lake National Park.

Even with her calm and blissful demeanor, there is still no fluff about the struggle our society is going through right now. I love that about her. No one said being positive means being blind to reality. No need to dance around the tough stuff. It is what it is. So, do what you can with it, while retaining an awareness of the blessing it is to simply be alive. And then, hopefully, make art with what you’ve learned.

And make art is just what she does. Every time I listen to Bailey’s music, I can feel her passion being poured into it. Whether vocals or piano, whatever it is, she’s one of those musicians that just give you the feels, really engaging your own emotions and your understanding of the world.

Knowing her personally and her intentions as a musician, I’m always excited to hear something new of hers. To have the opportunity to peer into someone’s soul in the way that artists like Bailey choose to share is a true blessing that is so easy to take for granted. Forever grateful for this lady’s existence in my life. Much love to you, Bailey dearest.

“Your soul is my soul, your sun is my sun, / All energies produce love as one.” –

Bailey Cogan, “Shola” Yung Travela EP

Listen to her here (Soundcloud) or buy her Yung Travela EP for $1 here (Bandcamp).
Currently she’s a part of 26 bats! and Lucid Vanguard as well.

Thank you Rosie Tuckner for the fabulous photos.


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