Simple Connections In Nicaragua

Connection between human beings, however transitory, however qualified, can be one of those purpose driving kind of events. Something that elevates you to a point of mental clarity that pushes out the aloneness and invites only the oneness.

So, let’s get together and make magic.

Growing up, I had a few experiences outside of my little bubble that made it very clear that strong relationships were some of the most fantastic things that were going to come of life.

Sincere connections are not only experienced between those you are closest to, though. For me, I’ve felt connections of a certain significance to those who I’ve simply observed and maybe admired over time. (But you know, in a way less creepy way than I’m making it sound.)

I can think of a man whom I served at a restaurant one evening who I will never forget. He had struck up conversation with a couple sitting next to him, and when it was time for him to pay his bill, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to buy the couples dinner as well.

He left without saying anything but ‘good evening’, but when I told the couple, they were overtaken with gratitude and an immediate desire to pass it along. So, they decided to buy the newlywed couple sitting next to them their dinner.

When it came time for me to tell the young couple, bewildered and amazed, they bought another couple dinner! This ‘pay someone’s bill just to be nice’ thing was carried out by four different groups. I couldn’t believe it.

Just now…


My new buddies for the afternoon!

Another sweet encounter has been occurring off and on over the course of the last hour. I’m currently blogging from a hammock on my temporary front porch in Nicaragua. Usually our visitors consist of random pups looking to get out of the sun and maybe some chickens here and there.

Today, I have had the pleasure of hosting three precious Nica babes. Two twins, a boy and a girl, age 9, and their little brother, age 4. Sister and little brother are pictured to your left. Honestly, I’m not top notch with kids.  Additionally, my Spanish isn’t great. But throughout this afternoon, these babes have granted me this sort of patience that has made me feel so comforted. The kind of patience that is genuine.

The kind of patience that when you’re learning something new, like a language, and you feel constantly vulnerable, one might be desperate for. 

They would ask me a question and just wait until I stumble over the words to reply. But still they waited and they listened. To have a conversation where the other person isn’t just constantly waiting their turn to speak can be few and far between.

las almedras

Crushing the outer shell to get to the almonds inside!

Then they started gathering these nuts in the yard and beating them with stones. I figured they were bored with me and left them to it. Moments later they’re bringing me las almendras, raw almonds!

Over and over again, and then asking if they could bring Bryce some inside. It was a simple encounter. But one that just gives you the good feels. Partly because it was so simple. Simple, yet meaningful.

las almedras

Picking through the shell to find maybe only one almond!

Hell, I’ve never harvested any almonds for my very dearest friends. But they were happy to share something with me. I kept noticing them glance up at me while they were hunting for good ones, eager to bring me one. They showed me how to do it too.

Then when they left, the little girl came right into the house (I had come in to check on the beans that I was cooking) to let me know she was going and to give me a big hug.

Just melt my heart already.

These simple connections are my favorite. They make it more real to me than anything else that we are all a part of the same thing. This same oneness that flows throughout us, the human race. This oneness does not stop for a second to notice color, gender, religion, social status, sexual preference or political views.

It just exists, running through our veins waiting for the moments that we are aware of it to rush to our hearts and just shine with an irrepressible glow.


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