Shower Curtains: A Travelers Kryptonite

It only took like three weeks but I finally got my shower curtain hung as well as most of my festival posters, so I think I’m officially moved in. (Never mind the fact that I’m sleeping on an old gymnastics mat still).


Winter Kellie. The spirit hood has proven most functional for both festival wear and winter wear even with the funny looks.

While I was first transitioning into being back in Oklahoma, I was feeling a bit off. Settling down for a minute can often be like kryptonite to a travleler. Side effects include intensified wanderlust, daily rebellion to societal norms, restlessness, a feeling of failure, etc. But I think I’ve come to terms with it and have even started to sincerely embrace it like I intended to.

To be able to take the time to write and read and just be quiet and still, those are luxuries that I don’t always have while on the road. Now, I cook most of my meals in an actual kitchen, I walk to work, I drive half an hour to see my family and only need to get gas once every couple weeks, things are good.


Grandmama. Try to say this woman doesn’t look like a good time.

I feel blessed to be able to focus on writing and whatever it is that I’m trying to do with it. Thank you to every human who has been encouraging or taken the time to read something I’ve been working on. It’s much appreciated and fills my heart to the rim. In particular, being in Oklahoma has been motivating because all around me communities are really starting to thrive and progress with food, art, music and community involvement at the core. It’s a beautiful thing made up of inspirational people that I’m stoked to come be a part of again.

It’s also so reflective to be able to come back to my roots and see how far I’ve come in life. Thanksgiving was this past week and during a family gathering, every one made jokes about my bringing the only salad because when I was a kid I refused to eat anything but macaroni and cheese. And I do mean refused but not really in a super bratty way, it was just that I found something I liked and I couldn’t conceptualize eating something different. Like, when you find a book to read, it gets confusing to sample other books in the middle of the one you found that suited you in the first place. This year though, I tried to get my three year old cousin to eat some of my salad and she literally spit it into my hand. So, ya know, karma or whatever.


Although this cute little one didn’t spit salad into my hand (that was his big sister), he did spit out my sisters turnip mash.

Anyway, I’m happy to be able to plunge inward over the winter to sort out my goals and to check them off one by one. Although, I must admit, as I recognize the reality that I probably won’t be leaving Oklahoma too much over the next five months, I did decide on a week long trip back to California. One last trip before I nestle in for a winter of ice storms.


Betsy’s first winter.

“In the age of constant movement, there is nothing so urgent as sitting still.” – Pico Iyer

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  1. D
    December 2, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    well said, fellow settling traveler.

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