Last May, I left Hawaii, my home for a year, to volunteer serving peace, love, and tacos at a couple music festivals on the mainland and to visit Canada, expecting to return to the Big Island the following August. Here it is, six months later, after falling in love with my taco tribe I slung tacos at 12 festivals, saw more of my own country than I’d ever seen before, never made it to Canada and now I’m lying in a hammock on an island in the south of Thailand. Life has been good and has blessed me in some beautiful ways. A couple weeks left in Thailand, then back to Hawaii for two months until I join my taco tribe once again in April. A pretty solid timeline.

When I first left, my sister was giving me big sisterly advice and I jokingly reminded her that I’m the cautious and careful one of the two of us, the one no one has ever really had to worry about…not that she’s reckless but rather has a beautiful knack for trying new things that doesn’t come as naturally to me. She laughed and agreed but reminded me that I’m also the one that no one thought would just take off half way around the world to spend a winter abroad. She couldn’t be more right. This path that I’m on was not exactly in the plan but has definitely taken over in a powerful way. I’m surrounded by beautiful people doing meaningful things in their own way and it’s been to say the least, inspiring, but also, it feels so natural.

So, a few weeks left backpacking in Thailand, 2 months living on the big island, 7 months touring music festivals all over the US slinging tacos, and then who knows. I want to use this blog as a platform to record this next year for my own benefit as well as to share with friends and family. Also, I have a few sustainability projects in mind that this could come in handy with as well but I’ll get into that later. I don’t know how fond I am of spending time writing on a blog but I’m starting to realize the power of social media and particularly how it can be great aid to traveling. So, why not.


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