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One of the biggest life lessons from 2015 was the importance of setting goals and standards. Visualizing what I want and making it happen while also being aware of my limitations.

I can be a people pleaser—being a Pisces, I sometimes want to help others by just taking over some of their load no matter what I have on my plate. Ciarra, my fellow little fishy and main travel partner knows this just as well. We say yes, yes, yes. And sometimes, that’s great. But you have to take care of yourself first. Can’t fill other people’s cups if yours is empty, right?

So, during the latter parts of this past year I’ve been sorting through the things that I’ve done and that I do that I really love. Things that move me and drive me. And how I can turn those things into something of a successful career. And then how I can be helpful to others. 

I definitely have confidence in my desire to develop a location independent career—I don’t necessarily want to travel all the time but I want to be able to go when I feel called somewhere. Never in my life do I want to feel trapped by something that just pays the bills. 

Additionally, I want to use my love for traveling to send an important, compassionate message. I believe traveling does a lot for a person. To see and understand something on the other side of the world can help clarify things in your own backyard. We forgot that we are one people so very easily.

With tourism becoming such a big industry, particularly in lesser developed countries, we the travelers also have to work a little harder to get the authentic experiences. Skip the tours and the buckets of booze and just go meet people. Find a work trade opportunity. Volunteer. To travel often and to never study or observe your surroundings is, to me, a waste.

So, what drives me? The loose answer—travel, people of passion, movement, new experiences, the sustainable movement, reading, sunshine, flow arts, nature, writing, music, festivals, simplicity, and all my weirdo friends. I want to resist whoever thinks you can’t see the world even if you aren’t wealthy. I want to encourage conscious, immersive travel. I vote for sustainability. I want to encourage young women to feel strong in their abilities and driven by their desires. I also want to be able to enjoy the finer things in life with the utmost of appreciation. And of course, I want to write about all of it.  
So, as I’m figuring out my career goals, why not share them with you guys. Here’s my long term 1-2-3.

1. The blog. This is the first step. To write about my ventures and to highlight the most meaningful (and entertaining) elements while sharing advice I come up with along the way. Whether about uplifting music festivals, volunteering abroad, fire dancing in a new place, my favorite places to feel sunshine on my skin, or even just simple things like what to pack and how to save money, I want to share and to organize my priorities when I travel as well as connect with other travelers—both committed nomads and weekend warriors—in the blogosphere.

2. To build a catalog featuring volunteer tourism and work trade opportunities. There are of course networks of these kinds of opportunities, like WWOOF or Workawayer—which I have used and enjoy. Then there are a range of volunteer programs that cost a good amount of money, which I’ve never used but wouldn’t mind trying sometime.

But I’d like to compile a more firsthand look into specific experiences, particularly for the budget backpacker. I think every traveler can benefit from donating a week or more of their time to a community they are visiting, lowering our travelers footprint and increasing the authenticity in an experience by actually connecting us with the people who’s homes we are visiting.

I also believe as volunteer tourism grows, there will also be plenty of opportunities/organizations out there that don’t have the local communities first in mind. I would like to assist in a traveler’s ability to avoid such experiences with detailed recounts of my own experiences.

3. Eventually, I would like to lead group trips abroad. My focus would be on cultural experiences, sustainability, humanitarian issues, restoration, education—generally utilizing volunteer tourism and ideally I would collaborate with individuals and organizations that I have already and will form relationships with in the future.

Hm, I forgot to account for much income. Oops. Dad will be so proud. I’m still one giant work in progress, but I’ve got faith.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” – Carl Sagan

Cheers and aloha! xo


  1. February 11, 2016 / 12:07 am

    Great post! You have a lovely way of writing. Good luck with all your career goals. You can do it!! 🙂

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