InanItah, A Spiritual Community on Ometepe

Living and learning center.

Our next month long destination is on Ometepe. An island made of two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, in Lake Nicaragua. Leaving the beach bum life and heading for some conscious rising at InanItah, a transformational living and learning center. InanItah will be our home for the month of December and through the new year.

Finally, my much needed yoga retreat.

There will be yoga, meditation, community prepared organic meals, sustainable building, plenty of time for self, and an opportunity to form relationships with other open hearts from all over.

So, a hippie commune? Yeah. Basically.

I may not have much access to WiFi while I’m there, so if I seem a little quiet, that’s why. Still, I’m going to try to squeeze in updates here and there. After the month, expect a full review of InanItah.

Living and learning centers like this hold a lot of value in my eyes. For self growth, expanding your mind, gaining new perspectives, learning useful skills, and so much more that is dependent on the individual. So, I intend to do a full series on living and learning centers in general. Starting out for those of you who are interested but maybe still a little hesitant because you don’t necessarily see yourself skinny dipping with a bunch of hippies on the side of a volcano. Then diving deeper on what it really means to be a part of such a community and how to find the right kind of place for you.

Oh, Mindful Farm

During my winter in Thailand, I spent time at another living and learning center with a similar vibe. Less festival vibe and more meditation perhaps. Mindful Farm was one of my favorite parts about my time in Thailand. Do check out my post about it here. I don’t think I can suggest it and experiences like it enough. I’m still running around with some of the inspiration that I first experienced there running strong through my veins.

Mindful Farm.

The beauty about places like that is the freedom combined with the constant source of creativity happening around you. The option to choose what to partake in is available. You can observe and learn from other people doing their thing. And then find your own flow among a community of people. It’s truly transformational.

Have you experienced a community like this? Share in the comments below what you took from it and where you went.


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