Why I’m Sticking With SiteGround

That’s right, after a year of going study, my affection for SiteGround is still going strong!

In the beginning stages of picking a blog host, there is a lot to choose from. And most of the lingo seemed pretty foreign to me when I was choosing. If I hadn’t had the Travel Blog Success Community to look to for advice, I probably would have just drawn a hosting site of a hat. Seriously.

Why I Chose SiteGround In The First Place.

Aside from the recommendations from multiple other bloggers, the price was right. Let’s be honest, the price is a big issue when you’re not even sure if you’re going to be able to profit yet. Just give me a happy balance between not costing me an arm and a leg and not sucking and I’m in! Sounds about right.

Why I’m sticking with SiteGround.

Two words. Customer service. I’m not tech savvy. Hit me with some basic html and watch me work. Like, I can make words bold or add line breaks or input images, ya know, the stuff you learn in elementary school. I can type really fast too, which sometimes gives the illusion that you’re good at computers. Ha. Fooled ya!

Every time I submit a request ticket asking a question or requesting an action, I receive a reply within 30 minutes. 

I haven’t had any running issues with SiteGround really. Start up, changing my domain, and transferring a domain have been my three main headaches with my website. I know you more experienced bloggers are sitting there laughing, thinking, “Oh, just wait, newb.” (As if you blogger gods and goddesses even know I exist…) But still, they are confusing processes if you haven’t done them before and SiteGround helped me out through every process.

Being a new blogger, my website is not incredibly complex. In a year or two, once I’ve expanded, I’ll probably really learn what technical issues are and then I will update you on if I still choose to stick with SiteGround or end up running for the hills for a new support team. Until then. I stand by SiteGround.

Oh, and SiteGround has new plans for 70% throughout the night of the 28th by the way.

Check them out here and get to blogging!




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