Home is Wherever I Rest My Head

Recently, I came across a post where a fellow traveler, Sherry, the owner of Otts World, highlighted the best of the many many beds she had slept in that year during her travels. It reminded me that I had started to do something similar when I was living in Hawaii.

Granted, I was not near as consistent as Sherry, I decided to see what I had gathered and it’s still a pretty fun record of the places I’ve considered home in the last two years. 

This and the one above are of my shack in Holualoa on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I shared an acre of land with another human as well as a bathroom that was so conveniently located in his shack. I had no power. There were holes in the roof and walls except for one wall because it was just missing entirely…I maybe woke up to chickens roaming around my bedroom from time to time. The door didnt really shut and the roof leaked when it rained. However, I could see the stars clearly from my bed through a uh skylight…and had fresh fruit trees and cheap rent. I loved that little shack.


This was the tiny room I shared with 3 other girls during a workstay at a hostel in Kailua-Kona, HI.

I flew to Chicago with a carry on backpack to meet up with the Peace Love Tacos crew. With no room for a tent, I just brought my hammock for Summer Camp Music Festival.


See that teensy blue dot? That was my home in the Indians Peak Wilderness area last summer during a three day hike that took me to more wildflowers than I’ve ever seen before.


My kuti, aka the nicest hut that I stayed at in Thailand. It was my home during my stay at the Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery where I attempted Vipassana Meditation. An enlightening experience but with my lack of love for organized religion, I couldn’t get past some of the rules that were evident for a Buddhist Monastery, like women sitting in the back rows during gatherings.


This was my home on Koh Phangan for about 3 weeks. I had a deck to practice yoga, a full shower attached to the hut, room in front of the house to spin poi, and I was literally a five minute walk from a quiet beach. This was my last home during my time in Thailand and it couldnt have been more perfect. Also, it was 12 bucks a night for 2 people.


This is my groundscore tent. Thanks to whatever Coachella attendee that deemed it unworthy, it has brought me so much joy. I may spraypaint ‘mega tent’ on every tent I own from now on.


Ciarra and I have spent countless nights sleeping in Betsy from coast to coast.


Our killer living room set up at our campsite outside of Flagstaff, AZ.


Then there was that time that Betsy decided she didn’t want to go to Florida and broke down on the side of the road by a super creepy corn field in the pan handle of Texas in the middle of the night leaving us to sleep there until morning.


This is in my teeny tiny efficiency apartment now in Norman, OK. My giraffe onesie and the only piece of art that was here when I moved in.


I’m currently on the hunt for a van to build out as my new living space which is both so exciting and so frustrating with the endless options and choices to make. Anyone have any advice or van hunting stories to share?

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