First Stop: A Very Cheesy Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Some of the crew at The Linq Hotel before getting on the High Roller Ferris Wheel.

So, I’ve never been to Las Vegas…I don’t really like gambling. Casinos sort of freak me out. Essentially, the only things that could get me to Las Vegas (for 4 whole days) are a bunch of great buds and a three day run of The String Cheese Incident.

Who’s been to the Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas?

It’s a super dope venue conveniently located right by the ginormous High Roller Ferris wheel on the strip. I know there’s a ton of awesome shows in Vegas too, it’s not all about gambling, and hopefully I’ll check those out some other time. But for this go around, it was all about Cheese. 

We arrived on St. Patricks Day to get green and celebrate our buddy William’s birthday. (My birthday was four days earlier and my van mate’s was four days before mine so it was a very fishy celebration in Vegas).

step 1. Find friends on the strip.

step 2. Don’t talk to strangers.

step 3. Spend $18.00 on a piña colada…

step 4. Gather the troops and head to the High Roller Ferris wheel! High roller Ferris wheel las vegas

The ride cost us thirty bucks each, and oh shit there’s like twelve of us, will we have to split up? NOPE. Each cabin fits up to 40 people, so there was room for all of us and room to dance. What! The ride took about 30-35 minutes, and we went around once. And the peak was incredible.

Las vegas

The view of Las Vegas from the top of the High Roller.

Sorry, I have to nerd out, let’s do math real quick. There’s 28 cabins total. Let’s say it’s a busy weekend and they are getting a new batch of humans steadily every half hour in each cabin. To keep a realistic number, let’s just say our group was the average size and 12 people were in each cabin at all times. Hours of operation are 11:30am-2am. So, there are 29 opportunities for each cabin to be filled with 12 people throughout the day, each paying an average of $30 per person (the price varies from $24.00 – 36.00 throughout the day, plus promos, even High Roller wedding packages…) So, with that average, each cabin is making $10,440 a day! The entire Ferris wheel is making approximately $292,320 per day! Oh my jeez. So, what’s it making the entire year….hmm. Let’s just take out December and July as the slow season and just average for ten months for a realistic yearly average. That math comes out to $88,572,960 a year!

Alright. I’m done with that. The amount of money exchange happening in Las Vegas just blows my mind! Ferris wheel was still worth it, just wish we would have gone at sunset to get that killer view, but the night time view was pretty magical as well.

But anyway, back to business, some very cheesy business. The String Cheese Incident was on a pretty good little run themselves hitting up Reno, Oakland, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, and then a strong finish in Las Vegas all from March 10 to March 20. It’s safe to say, things got weird.

Brooklyn Bowl

Dim quality, but you get the picture pretty well.

So, the Brooklyn Bowl. It’s a three level venue with outdoor patios on both the second and third level with a view of the hustling and bustling below and of course the Ferris wheel. The venue fits 3,000 people. There’s specialty beers on tap, some of the most dank fried chicken around, oh and 32 bowling lanes! You can reserve your own lane or just bop around the rest of the venue space but whatever you choose the venue is a great place for a show.

This was my first time seeing The String Cheese Incident since Hulaween Music Festival in Florida last year over Halloween weekend.  And oh my, was I due for some boogieing with buds.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d stand out while walking around Vegas, but oh my did we stick out. The scene before and after the show ever night was absolutely hilarious. You have your non-cheesy Vegas humans, lots of button ups, high heels, and people with dollar signs in their eyes. Then there’s the cheesy Vegas humans which was much more diverse. Think top hats, hula hoops, taco capes, wigs, glitter, heady hats and pins, canes, LED everything, dreadlocks, leather, tie dye, burner gear, and giant hearts in our eyes.

My buds gambled while I strutted around with a cane looking like a character from Lord of the Rings, people watching and cheering on the home team.

We went the AirBnb route which, although it was basic and had no pool, probably saved each of us hundreds of dollars in food throughout the four days that we were in Vegas. I did manage to meet up with buddies to get some pool time in at the Excalibur Hotel a couple days of the trip though and so my perspective is a little blurred as to which route is the very best. So, come with a very big crew, half of you get a hotel room and the other half grab an AirBnb, share the perks. Teamwork makes a dream work.

Las Vegas, Excalibur

Poolside at the Excalibur Hotel.

The last morning left us feeling drained and ready to get on the road and out of Sin City. We went probably two hours through the desert and found a truck stop to crash at before continuing on to catch this beautiful sunset.

Desert sunset

Sunset in the desert west of Las Vegas.


“A little bit of this town goes a very long way.” – Hunter S. Thompson


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