Get Up Stand Up Surf—Nicaragua

If you spend any amount of time in Nicaragua, you’ll see plenty of people rocking the Get Up Stand Up brand. Surfers, yogis, and every other kind of traveler will probably have at least one item from the shop.

While I was volunteering at Camino del Gigante, I ended up doing a lot of work revamping the souvenir shop. So, when Marco, the owner of Get Up Stand Up Surf, came to the hostel to show off some of their new products, I got to peruse everything with Andrew (the head chef, yoga instructor, and gem of a human being). We had a little fashion show, even did a mini photo shoot, and I made plans to come visit the shop in Leon where everything was made.

Get Up Stand Up

Marco is a young guy from Brazil and when I met him he was very casual and rocking one of his own Get Up Stand Up cut off t-shirts. He’s a guy that’s proud of the style and quality of his product and very inviting to outside opinions.

They sell their shirts at a few different locations along the Nicaraguan coast but the shop in Leon has it all. When I made my way to the shop, I already had a dress and top in mind but then saw the spread of bikinis from a company in Costa Rica (the only other brand represented in the shop) and decided to splurge a little more.

Get Up Stand Up

Just playing dress up on the beach. #GoodLife

The girls working were very sweet and helpful and Mariana gave us a great little tour of the production rooms. They purchase the materials in bulk from a factory but they cut and sew every single item right there in Leon making around 60 or 70 shirts a day. Other than Marco, every single employee at Get Up Stand Up is Nicaraguan.

Get Up Stand Up

Everything was so soft!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the so called ‘local products’ are actually coming from. And although the material comes from a factory, I was happy to see actual (local) humans in the production room.

Be sure to check out the Get Up Stand Up shop for a souvenir shirt that you’ll actually wear!


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