Circumnavigating the Big Island by Kayak

A good friend and one of the most adventurous souls I’ve met is about to attempt the first documented solo circumnavigation of the Big Island by kayak.

Jenny and her hiking companion, Romeo!

Her name is Jenny Decker, and she’s kind of a badass. She has the sweetest intentions for herself and those around her. I used to go swimming with her every now and then while I was in Hawaii and she would always be so encouraging even though she would constantly be waiting on me.

There is no time she will ever turn down an adventure even after a 12 hour overnight shift as a nurse. I don’t know how many times we’d be planning a trip the night before departing and Jenny would help pack up, head to work at 11pm and then we’d go scoop her up at 11am to go chase waterfalls or camp or whatever it was.

You’d never know, but she suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT), a neurological disorder.

Along with completing an amazing physical feat, she is circumnavigating the Big Island to raise awareness of her disease. Additionally, she is aiming to raise funds for the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation which is dedicated to finding treatments and cures for those suffering with CMT.


So, go support her GoFundMe page here.

This is no easy trek by the way. The trip will be 300 miles in some of the roughest waters in the Pacific and she estimates that it will take her 16 days to complete it.

Lend her financial support or share her GoFundMe page on your Facebook. Anything you can do gets her a little closer to her goal and sends a little more encouragement her way as she takes on this amazing venture.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” — Thomas Alva Edison

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