Central California in the Spring

Being that I typically run from winter like it is the plague, I haven’t had the sweet pleasure of experiencing the magic of spring time in a few years. And after a winter in my home state, although it was a mild one, I was more than ready for the spring scene that greeted us when we hit Central California. Specifically Auberry, CA.

Spring in California

The river nearby Auberry, CA.

I could hardly contain my excitement with the rolling hills and wildflowers in view. I kept seeing hills and thinking that’s where I want to live for the rest of my life. If someone were to just give me that land, I might would stay put. Like build a home and then live there with an address that was my very own and everything. Maybe. Maybe not. But you get the picture.

Such a wild contrast to leave flat, chilly Oklahoma, through canyons and desert, to arrive in the rolling hills of Central California. It just about made my heart explode with hearts and bubbles.


Me. Heart exploding and stuff.

We spent a few days in Auberry visiting some friends and just soaking up the spring time sunshine. People always wonder how I can manage to sleep in a van for weeks at a time when cruising across the country. Well, luckily, I’ve met a lot of beautiful humans during my travels that are always excited to open their door to my travel partner and I when we come through. Although I love the van life, a stop here and there with a shower, a kitchen, and even a couch to cozy up on is rejuvenating to say the least.

This time we were visiting a good friend we met at Reggae on the River last year and his very lively mother. Family dinner and breakfasts at an actual dinner table, hot toddy’s by the fireplace and yoga on the deck with the smell of the garden present did the trick, wiping us clean of our sins from Las Vegas and boosting us into a solid rest of our road trip.

Family dinner at the Leeper's!

Family dinner at the Leeper’s!

No pets while on the road, but I'm happy to cuddle up with the furry friends of my loved ones.

No pets while on the road, but I’m happy to cuddle up with the furry friends of my loved ones.

Auberry is a pretty tiny town, too. With only a little over 2,000 people rsiding there, there’s not much room for competition between businesses. I absolutely love visiting small towns like this one. Without so many distractions, I actually felt myself recharging during our time there.

As anyone who has been on a road trip or lived the van life knows, sometimes it’s really hard to take the appropriate time that one needs for their self because of the ever present feeling of missing out on the adventure as well as the fact that you are literally constantly moving.

I was stoked to have a day that I could dedicate to reading, writing and flowing while staying at our friends house. Absolute bliss.



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