A Winter of Reflection and Rent 


Over the past couple years, I’ve been mostly transient. My jobs have been mobile or temporary and my rent has been substituted with car maintenance. But I’ve decided to come back to Oklahoma for the winter to spend time with family, work on my writing, make jewelry and just to generally slow my life down and reevaluate my goals. 

Although, I love my nomadic lifestyle, I also really appreciate my space and alone time.
Now, I am on payroll, I have an address and rent to pay, the whole shebang! With the exception of my bed being an old gymnastics mat and my big white van, I’m just another regular at the bar.

You don’t always realize you need to make space for yourself until you feel overwhelmed. Already in these first few weeks of routine and stability, I’ve been flooded with stress and anxieties I had ignored because of my fast paced and ever moving lifestyle. As if all the stress has just been sitting in my bones waiting to get my full attention. 

One of the downfalls of living on the go is that it sometimes leaves you neglecting to take the proper time to appreciate your situation and those around you. 

While thinking about my next topic to write about from my travels, my thought process went from what to who. Since I’m diving into my passion of writing, it only makes sense to reflect on the badass humans I’ve befriended during my travels as a way to take the time to fully appreciate them and their commitment to their own passions. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series called Soul on Fire featuring individuals in my life who are committed so fierceley to their passion that the brilliance of their flame is contagious. 


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