A Summer in Alaska!

Well, my next adventure is accounted for. Come April I should be on a ferry with Betsy (our Ford Econoline van) and my best friend, Ciarra, back to her hometown of Ketchikan!


Ketchikan, Alaska

Can’t wait to return to island life.

Ketchikan is an island in Southeastern Alaska. It’s a relatively small town that gets popping in the summers for fishing and cruise ship season. So, it looks like I’ll be there for about six months slinger beers, eating fresh seafood, and exploring the hell out of that little island.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Melt my heart.

It’s definitely my preference to work while I travel at this point in my life. I feel much more immersed in a place and quite frankly I stress out too much about money. I’m a pretty cautious adventurer. Yup, walking contradiction, but ask Ciarra, who sometimes refers to me as her financial adviser, it’s pretty accurate.

Anyway, the past two summers as well as last winter, Ciarra and I have traveled together. We’ve bounced around the festival circuit, explored Thailand, and cruised the Big Island for a couple months as well. This girl and I are together a lot but never really in one place for very long.

fire arts

We are going to fire dance our way all around you, Ketchikan.

Today, she sent me a rental application and told me we had a rental agent helping us find a place…weird.
I couldn’t be more excited though. She moved to Hawaii out of high school and then traveled from 2013 on. So, this is her first summer during adulthood in her hometown and I get to be the lucky lady to explore it with her.


I could get used to this view.


“The human spirit needs places in nature that have not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

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